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Wednesday, 27. July 2011 06:46 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Today I saw your website and I am very much impressed with your scientific and professional approach in developing and showcasing your dairy farm. I have been in this field with H.F.C.B cows for the past 10 years and received many awards at both regional and national level.

Some of my achievements
1) My dairy was declared as the best maintained commercial dairy in Andhra Pradesh
2) Received Best Dairy farmer award from Indian veterinary council
3) My cow got the 1st prize in All India milk yield competition held in Hyderabad (32.56lts per day).
4) I was declared as the "Best customer of the branch" by SBI for having repaid the entire loan amount as per schedule without default even for single month

I am seeing more of myself in you and Like you, I also believe in sharing knowledge with the people of same mind set. Therefore, I would like to visit your dairy farm and have discussions with you on several aspects of dairy farming for mutual benefit. Please let me know the date convenient to you for our personal meet.
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