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Vinay S Gouri
Tuesday, 1. February 2011 06:30 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Dear Chida,
Somehow from day one, I was convinced as soon as I spoke to you that I need to get products from you. Believe me, I am absolutely fascinated and delighted by your product/s (now will try Paneer opps 'panyr' too :))

All the very best and as from day one, I shall try to be with you in all your endeavors.

One Suggestion: Why not introduce a form here on your site where existing customers like me can give referal customers to you? All we can do is fill the form with some basic details. Your staff can call them, fix up appointment, delivery a litre of milk free and give gyan on basic organic and happy milk. Then they 'WILL' become your next set of customers. What do you say?
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