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Monday, 14. April 2014 07:11 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Hey Ravi,
It was very nice meeting you yesterday. Appreciate your time explaining so patiently. You friends have done what we just think/talk.

Really impressed with your enthusiasm explain your work to others. Simply, great work must be propagated and your doing just great there.

I strongly feel, you should approach Gen-set manufacturers to consider your technology and come with Bio-gas based Gen-sets. Probably consider develop Diesel-Biogas conversion kit(product). As you know power is one big problem in rural area.

Just a thought, like milk cooperatives/federation, one day, could there be co-operative movement of Power generating farms?!!!

Another important aspect you mentioned is " 'Increasing the shelf-life of your products and by-products'. I saw so many products which has potential grow into ful-fledged industry. Like Growing Protein rich algae, special food(I dont remember the name, the one fermented with jaggary), organic manure(probably dried.

Wish you all the best with your Vegetable project.

Thanks again.
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