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sudha kiran
Friday, 22. November 2013 12:43 IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

Only when the Ghee brought from your farm I realising how much I missed using your quality guaranteed product...I must confess, that i was not too keen on ghee as I rarely take a spoonful..on my plate..But the whole perspective changed once, I opened the it had the shhud desi Ghee smell..I still get the hang of the fresh smell of the ghee..even thinking about it...
The panner was succulent and was a delight as it was most perfect to feel the soft chew of the paneer..

The only discouragement, was that the freshest mozerrala cheeze which got moulds/fungus kinda grown on it..though was kept in tupperware box along with the plastic wrap that it came the advise about the storage for the same..
thank you, sir for your courtesies shown to myself n kiran along with ramesh kikkere...on our last visit to your beautiful esteemed farm..
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