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Nagabhushana M
Monday, 16. July 2012 05:38 Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Hello Sir,

We had visited your farm yesterday with Mr Harish. It was great exposure for us on organic farming and learnt a lot. I am planning to visit again with some more friends. However I have few questions which came into my mind after I came back from your farm.

1) Will it be feasible to install solar inverters for residencial purpose? How much KiloWatt of electricity on average is produced in one day and how much it costs to install it ?

2) Apart for stove and generators what else can biogas can be used for ?

3) You told that the methane content in biogas repels mosquitoes and flies. But, does it also repels honey bees or other insects which are must required for pollination ? If true, then it may adversly effect if someone is cultivating fruits like mangos or tomatos etc..

I strongly belive Organic farming is the future of the farming and is a must.

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