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Friday, 2. March 2012 09:34 IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

Dear Chidu Sir,

Warm Greetings,

My visit to your Farm is very Memorable.

My Greatest appretiation for you and your Team for creating Truly “OXYGEN ACRES”

The Products I carried home are Great learnings

PANNER – Taste was Great, very nice treat to the Tongue and Stomach, we had tried other Brands from the market, but never experienced this effect. Great feeling

SOAPS – Coffee ingredients’, was Best, lather was quite more and very smooth, My wife Kavitha felt, the Soap has good effect on the Skin
My son Karthik who is 11 years said “Appa, earlier the Soap after Bathing, I was getting Skin dryness on the Face and also skin was feeling stretched, but with OXYGEN ACRES Soap, no dryness, skin is smooth”

Would personally like to see more of such Natural products from OXYGEN ACRES, available in the Markets.

Thank you for your Hospitality and Time

Hope to visit you and your Farm again

Warm Regards

Venkatesh N
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